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Supporting you to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum

Use this free resource to:  

  • Kick-start a curriculum discussion in your school

  • Identify any areas where you might need to do more work


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How to use the poster


Secondary schools

  1. Put up this poster in a visible spot (if a few places spring to mind,
    print more copies –

  2. Encourage each department head to dedicate a departmental staff
    meeting to discussing the key questions on the poster

  3. Ask a representative from each group to fill out a short online survey answering the following questions:

    • What are the three main things that we are trying to achieve with
      our curriculum?

    • How does our current curriculum match our intentions?

    • What single action could we take to ensure our curriculum better matches our aims?

    • How can we better measure the effectiveness of our curriculum?

  1. Present the findings from the survey at the next relevant all-staff meeting

Primary schools

  1. Put up this poster in a visible spot in your staffroom (by the kettle, perhaps)

  2. Encourage staff to write down any thoughts and ideas they have
    in response to the question prompts on Post-It Notes, and to stick
    these around the poster

  3. Book in an all-staff twilight panel session or set aside a regular staff
    meeting slot:

  • Organise staff into groups of no more than 5, each containing at
    least 1 subject leader

  • Ask each group to discuss the questions in the intent,
    implementation and impact areas of the poster

  • Ask each group to feed back to everyone at the end of the session


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